Jisoo, the visual and lead vocalist of the global phenomenal group BLACKPINK, is reportedly shooting her first music video as part of her upcoming solo debut this year. 

YG Entertainment, the group’s agency, confirmed in a statement that Jisoo was shooting under utmost privacy. 

“The music video for Jisoo’s solo song is being filmed in an overseas location in strict secrecy. You can look forward to it as we invested the largest production cost ever among BLACKPINK videos,” said the agency.

YG aimed to film the music video in various locations globally to maximize Jisoo’s global presence. 

Jisoo is the last member of BLACKPINK to release her solo album. Jennie started her solo journey in 2018, followed by Rosé and Lisa in 2020.

The quartet is scheduled to perform for a two-night concert at the Philippine Arena on March 25 and 26. 


Ronald Espartinez