By Melo M. Acuña

UP Manila History Professor Bernard Karganilla (center) speaks during the Wednesday Lido forum. Also in photo are Joan Salvador, international coordinator for Gabriela and UP history professor Diego Magallona. MELO M. ACUÑA

A University of the Philippines-Manila history professor said the Japanese government should go beyond compensating wartime sex slaves, as they should be recognized and mentioned in history books both in the Philippines and Japan.

Speaking at “Wednesday Roundtable @ Lido” forum in Quezon City, Prof. Bernard Karganilla said this would be a way for people not to repeat the mistakes of World War 2.

“One of the demands of the wartime sex slaves is for Japan to open its books for everyone to see up to what extent their crimes were, not just against the Philippines but in other countries in Asia,” Karganilla said.

Joan Salvador, Gabriela international coordinator, said the ageing victims would like to see how the Japanese government would respond to their pleas for justice and recognition.

Salvador said that despite their dwindling numbers as they have all advanced in age, the victims would continue to push for their demands through their descendants.

“We should try to avoid a repeat of such sad experience encountered by women in times of armed conflict,” she added. (