By Joel Cristobal / Pacific Times

PLASTIC-FREE OCEANS: Environmentalist and outgoing Senator Loren Legarda, who recently won a House seat as Antique representative in the midterm elections, urged global leaders to integrate “ocean health protection” into the consciousness and behaviors of its citizens. LEGARDA’S FB PAGE

As the country celebrates the “Month of the Ocean” this May, outgoing Senator Loren Legarda urged global leaders to integrate “ocean health protection” into the minds and behaviors of its citizens.

In a press statement released on Wednesday, May 29, Legarda emphasized that oceans are primary sources of air, food, livelihood and wealth for Filipinos and people across the globe.

Nevertheless, Legarda expressed her appreciation on the government’s intensive efforts in protecting marine life and resources, including the recent drive to rehabilitate Boracay and Manila Bay.

“Let this year’s celebration of Ocean’s Month be a reminder that protecting our ocean’s health is also protecting human health,” the environmentalist lawmaker said.

Plastic-free oceans

Legarda then reiterated her call on local governments to fully implement the Ecological Solid Waste Management, which aims to organize and manage the collections and disposals of municipal solid waste in the country.

Legarda cited the study by the Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, which reported that the Philippines is one of the top countries with plastic waste in the ocean, generating around 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste and half a million metric tons of plastic-waste leakage per year.

“May this further enable us to take action on sustainable management of our marine resources and ensuring that our oceans are free from plastic pollution,” said Legarda, who recently won as Antique representative in the midterm elections.