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International Catholic speakers including Jason Evert and Scott Hahn will join together for an online pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary from Sept. 8 to Oct. 7.

“The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage (SPR): A Biblical Journey through the Life of Christ with His Mother,” organized by Parousia Media, Pentecost Pilgrimage and Smart Catholics, will offer 20 scriptural meditations, one for each of the mysteries of the rosary, a renowned devotion of Catholics offered to the Mother of God.

Among the speakers involved in the virtual event is Filipino speaker Mann Rentoy who has given talks and lectures to more than 40,000 teachers, parents and students all over the country and in Sri Lanka.

Rentoy, an international conference organizer at the Dr. Thomas Lickona Institute for Asia, emphasized the need of the online pilgrimage to ease the current health, financial and even spiritual problems experienced by many today due to the pandemic.

“It was organized because of the crisis the world has been thrown into. The SPR is essential now, considering what is happening in the world today: pandemic, deaths, deprivation of sacraments in many places, economic crisis, etc,” Rentoy explained in an interview with PressOne.PH.

Added to this, Rentoy also said that organizers of the event wanted to contribute to the effectiveness of the Evangelization work by Catholics despite the pandemic.

“When we cannot turn to anyone on earth, we turn to heaven. We turn to the Mother of God,” he mentioned, saying that the pilgrimage is perfectly timed with the Virgin Mary’s birthday (September 8)— as the start of this Pilgrimage — and ending with the Feast of the Holy Rosary.”

Other speakers include Deacon Harold Burke-Silvers and Christopher West who are known for their work in spreading the message of Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

While the pilgrimage will be free during the four weeks, one can purchase the Premium Pass to gain continued access to the reflections and keynote talks.

To join the online pilgrimage, one can pre-register on their website by clicking here. Francis David T. Perez