The Bureau of Immigration (BI) blocked the attempted illegal entry of 17 Chinese nationals at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The Chinese nationals, who arrived at the NAIA on two different flights from Zhengzhou, China, were first intercepted at the NAIA Terminal 3 by Immigration officers. 

BI intelligence division chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. said that upon interviewing the Chinese nationals, they learned that their trip to the Philippines was sponsored by a tech company.

The group, however, provided conflicting statements and was not able to disclose the purpose of the trip.

“The purpose of their travel was doubtful. That’s why they were denied entry,” Manahan said.

Another Chinese man was intercepted at the NAIA Terminal 2 who came from Bangkok Thailand. 

The arrested man said that he was part of a solar energy company in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the foreigner’s travel documents did not align with his statements. 

The said Chinese travelers were sent back to their origin and were already included in the BI blacklist and banned from entering the country again.

BI personnel stationed at international airports should remain vigilant amid the loosening of travel restrictions, according to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente.

“Immigration officers must remain alert to thwart the entry of illegal aliens who may try to come here and work without proper documents,” Morente said. Ronald dela Cruz