A bill proposing a cash gift to any Filipino who reaches the age of 80 has been filed at the House of Representatives.

Ako Bisaya party-list Rep. Sonny Lagon’s House Bill 907 or the proposed “Octogenarians Act of 2019,” aims to give every Filipino citizen who reaches the age of 80 years old a cash gift of P80,000.

The bill seeks to amend Republic Act 10868 or the “Centenarians Act of 2016,” which grants P100,000 to any Filipino citizen who reaches 100 years old.

Instead of giving a P100,000 cash gift to every Filipino centenarian, the bill will instead grant an P80,000 cash gift to every Filipino citizen who reaches 80. An additional P20,000 will be given upon reaching 100 years old.

Lagon is pushing for the amendments because, according to him, “very few Filipinos get to live long enough to enjoy these special benefits.”

“Many of those who are lucky enough to qualify for the benefits no longer have the mental faculties to enjoy and appreciate the cash gift and the accolade,” he said in a statement.

By granting the cash gift at an earlier age, Lagos said octogenarian Filipinos can take advantage of the cash incentive for their urgent needs such as expenses for medicines. (Rommel F. Lopez)