President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday listed alternative sites for the government’s Covid-19 vaccination drive, including gymnasiums, school buildings and military camps.

Duterte said his initial order was to have the inoculation program take place in police stations.

“In the far-flung areas, if there is no suitable venue, then the military camps would suffice,” he said.

“Ang mga local officials sila na lang ang mamili sa mga gymnasiums o kumuha… Kulang talaga, then my order is to utilize the public school. Hindi pa naman ginawa, wala pa namang klase. Public school buildings, kung wala.”

Duterte stressed that public schools should only be considered if there were no gymnasiums and coliseums in the jurisdiction of a local government unit.

“I do not see any — any objectionable thing there tutal pang-injection man lang, wala naman nagkasakit. Well, maybe one or two or three, mga mag-slip. But fundamentally it is really giving people the shots to make them healthy,” Duterte said.

The Philippines aims to launch its inoculation program this month. John Ezekiel J. Hirro