Other Marcos family members were elected to public office, not just President Marcos, his son Sandro, and his sister Imee

CLAIM: Three members of the Marcos family are serving in elected posts


Facebook page “BBM Sara Tv’s” post last Aug. 26 erroneously claimed that there were only three Marcoses in public office.

The user posted a compilation of proclamation videos of the members of the family, namely, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Sen. Imee Marcos, and neophyte congressman Sandro Marcos.

The post’s caption also read: “Tatlo sa pamilya marcos ang ngayon ay nanunungkulan sa bansa upag ipag patuloy ang mga ginawa ng dating pangulo na si Ferdinand E. Marcos at sa pinakanataas na posisyon ang ating Pangulo na si Ferdinand bongbong Marcos, Senador Imee Marcos at congressman Sandro Marcos. mabuhay po kyong lahat at tulungan nawa kyo ng Dios.”

According to a post-election report by Inquirer last May 10, excluding the three officials previously mentioned, four other Marcos family members were elected to various positions in Ilocos Norte.

In the May 2022 elections, Matthew Marcos Manotoc, son of Imee Marcos, and Cecilia Araneta Marcos both won their second terms as governor and vice governor of Ilocos Norte, respectively.

Moreover, Angelo Marcos Barba was proclaimed as the second district representative of Ilocos Norte, and Michael Marcos Keon, uncle of Sandro and Matthew, was elected mayor of Laoag city.

As of writing, the video has garnered a total of 852 reactions, 49 comments, and 4.1k views. – Mariel Natanawan

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