CLAIM:  Congressman Sandro Marcos already released the Marcos gold.


A YouTube short video falsely claimed that the alleged Marcos gold has been released by the oldest son of President Ferdinand Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Sandro Marcos. 

However, the video content is unrelated to the Marcos gold conspiracy theory. Instead, it was about the inspection and plans taken in response to the aftermath of a typhoon that hithit Ilocos Norte inin August 2023.

Despite many fact-check stories already published about this topictopic, the video garnered 13,000 views in just a month considering it was released under YouTube Shorts. 

YouTube Shorts is a short-form video platform designed for users to create and watch brief video clips that are typically under one minute in length.

Misinformation purveyors prefer YouTube Shorts for spreading misinformation because these short videos often escape the same level of scrutiny as longer content. 

This tactic makes it more challenging for fact-checkers to quickly identify and address such content. Due to this new format, there is a greater potential for rapid spread of misinformation. Justine Bautista


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