CLAIM: Sen. Robin Padilla is the top choice for president, according to survey firm Oculum.




A TikTok user posted a spliced video of a UNTV news segment, edited to falsely suggest that Sen. Robinhood Padilla led the recent Oculum survey on potential presidential candidates.

In the spliced video, Padilla was falsely shown as commanding 42% of voter preferences, with Sen. Raffy Tulfo at second place at 17%, former vice president Leni Robredo at third with 10%, and incumbent Vice President Sara Duterte at 4%.

The original video came from the weekend edition of UNTV News and Rescue‘s  news program “Ito ang Balita,” uploaded to YouTube on April 27, 2024.

Results released by Oculum on April 26 showed that Duterte was the top presidential bet in its first quarter.

Respondents were asked to choose their preferred candidate from a list provided by interviewers. 

“The vice president obtained the support of 42% of the survey respondents, well ahead of Tulfo’s 17%. Former vice president Leni Robredo was the choice of 10% of respondents, ranking third,” Oculum said in a press release.

Padilla made it to the survey’s presidential ranking but placed only seventh, with just two percent of respondents supporting him.

The survey was conducted from Feb. 21 to 29, 2024 by Oculum Research and Analytics in partnership with  Asia-Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators, a professional organization of academics and researchers, and Areopagus Communications Inc.

The video, uploaded by an account named “@aliceguo_,” has garnered 1,626 likes, 5,001 comments, 1,338 shares, and has been viewed over 175,500 times on the platform. Nikko Balbedina

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