A video of a person speaking at a campaign rally who sounds like President Rodrigo Duterte endorses Vice President Leni Robredo for president. But that was not the president.

CLAIM:  Duterte finally endorses Vice-President Leni Robredo!

A 29-second video being widely shared on social media, shows a person speaking at a campaign rally.  He sounded like President Rodrigo Duterte. He said:

I came all the way here from Davao. And this may be my first time that I am gonna make public my choice for president. Leni ako!

Captions to the video read:

  • “Duterte finally endorses Vice-President Leni Robredo!”
  • President Duterte endorse Leni Robredo”
  • “President Duterte endorse Leni Robredo. Maraming maraming salamat Mr. President”
  • “Duterte endorsed Leni. Unbelievable!”

This is FALSE.

While the face and identity of the man on the video cannot be ascertained, PressOne.PH was able to obtain another video of the speech of “Rodrigo Duterte” clearly showing the face of the person on the video.

It turns out that the man that sounded like the president was Albay 2nd district Board Member Jun Alegre who is a known impersonator of the president.

Below is a screencap of a video showing Alegre on the same stage delivering his expletive laden speech, just like Duterte.




Alegre shared in his own Facebook account the video of the “Duterte’s endorsement of Robredo” and captioned it “Hahahaha” conscious that what he did was comedy.



While Alegre’s impersonation is clearly a work of satire, the videos captioned that Duterte has endorsed Robredo is misleading and entirely false.

Duterte himself had said that he will not endorse a successor:

READ: Duterte says he won’t endorse a successor

Rommel F. Lopez


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