Websites and social media accounts have been sharing a supposed speech of Microsoft founder Bill Gates explaining why he couldn’t allow his daughter to marry a poor man.

Screengrabs of posts about the Bill Gates speech with photos of the tech mogul and his daughter.

CLAIM: Bill Gates said in a speech in an investing and finance conference in the United States that he would not let his daughter marry a poor man.


Websites and social media posts claim without factual basis that Bill Gates once spoke before an investing and finance conference in the United States, where he was asked the question: Would you allow your daughter to marry a poor or modest man?.

Gates, one of the world’s richest men, allegedly said that he wanted his daughter to marry a man who had the ability to create wealth.

He supposedly ended his answer to the question by saying: “Wealth is first and foremost a state of mind, my friend.”

This alleged statement by Gates and the quote attributed to him are works of fiction and are therefore FALSE. 

No credible news website has reported on an “investing and finance conference” where Gates allegedly made the statement.  For someone of Gates’s stature as a global business and philanthropy leader, his appearance in this conference would have been surely covered by the press.  

The conference never took place and Gates never delivered the speech.  – Rommel F. Lopez

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