Felipe F. Salvosa II, who resigned from The Manila Times in April following the publication of the now discredited “destabilization plot matrix” story on the paper, has joined PressONE.ph as managing editor.

“We’d like to focus on news that will have an impact on people, in particular government policy and actions that will affect day-to-day lives of citizens. We’d like to do analysis as well, and offer insightful opinions to our readers,” Salvosa said.

He hopes that PressOne.ph is added to the “roster of news websites that people can trust,” and contributes to “efforts to stem the tide of fake news and propaganda on social media.”

PressONE.ph is a news and information website covering the Philippines for the Filipino and global audiences. “ONE“ stands for OPINION and NEWS that EMPOWER. Behind PressONE.ph is a team of experienced reporters and editors committed to the cause of responsible journalism and the free press for the common good, and the fight against fake news and propaganda.

The PressONE.ph site says it believes that “getting it right is more important than getting it first.” PressONE.ph will “lean toward context and analysis over breaking news coverage, with editorials and opinion columns that will be informative and insightful, and responsible but bold in their views.”

Salvosa is a contributor for ANCX. He is also a lecturer and journalism program head of the University of Santo Tomas. He was Philippine researcher for the Financial Times of London’s FT Confidential and prior to that, the publications chief of the Philippine Institute for Development Studies.

He began his journalism career as a reporter for BusinessWorld. In the business paper, he rose from the ranks to become associate editor and research head, responsible for the publication of the BusinessWorld Top 1000 Corporations magazine. (Rommel F. Lopez)