Retired Philippine National Police chief and senatorial candidate Guillermo Eleazar said that more police officers should protect the Pag-asa Island in the West Philippine Sea. 

“Nabanggit din ni Senator Ping Lacson…na talagang dapat palakasin pa iyong ating pwersa doon — hindi man kailangang para matapatan dahil imposible nating matapatan itong Chinese military dun — pero para magkaroon ng dignidad iyong ating mga pulis na naka-assign dun,” Eleazar said in a forum at Manila Bay.

He shared that there are only two police officers stationed on the island. 

His statement came following after the Chinese Coast Guard warned him, Lacson and their companions to stay away after flying to Pag-asa Island. 

Eleazar said that it was “disappointing” to hear the radio warning from the Chinese Coast Guard while in the Philippine territory. He also added that they even received a text message saying, “Welcome to China” after reaching the island. 

The former PNP chief is currently eyeing a seat in the senate in the 2022 national elections under Partido Reporma. Ronald Espartinez