President Rodrigo Duterte slammed retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio on Monday for criticizing his supposed silence on West Philippine Sea matters and said that China will just flip the bird on him if he interfered.

Duterte said not even the United Nations could compel China to acknowledge the Philippines’s victory against China at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Netherlands in 2016.

“Ito naman si Carpio, daldal nang daldal wala namang… Ano bang gusto mo? Sige ka punta doon sa… Do you think China will obey the United Nations? I’ll ask you a question: If the United Nations will ask China to surrender because of that award given to us, ibibigay ba ng China ‘yan?” he said.

“Do you think China will just give it freely because of the United Nations’ demand? Iyan ang hindi ko maintindihan kay Carpio. He is a — a dreamer,” he added.

Duterte claimed the constructive occupation of China in the West Philippine Sea happened during the Aquino administration.

“Wala mangyari niyan. You know, the Chinese government will just give you a finger. Wala kang ma–hindi mo matakot ‘yang mga ‘yan because they firmly believe na kanila talaga ‘yan kontra sa atin na it is also our considered opinion that it is ours. Iyon, sana maintindihan–nakinig lahat,” he said.

“Iyan, tandaan mo ‘yan Carpio. Sige ka daldal. The constructive occupation was completed. It was a notice to the world na noong hindi sila umalis, tayo ang umalis, ibig sabihin amin ‘to kaya ka umalis.”

The president was referring to the 2012 standoff at the Scarborough Shoal off the coast of Zambales province.

Carpio had been a critic of Duterte’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic and his non-assertion of the Philippines’s arbitral victory over China in the disputed waters. John Ezekiel J. Hirro