President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to probe the entire government for alleged corruption as part of his administration’s campaign against corruption.

“I hope that all government workers, officials are listening. This is a memorandum from me, the president, to Secretary Menardo Guevarra… Ang subject is: ‘[Investigation] of allegations of corruption in the entire government.’ Lahat.” he said in a meeting with Cabinet officials aired on Tuesday.

Duterte said the DOJ would be given authority to decide which allegations or issues to investigate “taking into consideration the gravity thereof and their impact on the delivery of government service.”

The DOJ may also create as many panels as it deems necessary and invite or direct other government bodies and agencies to assist in the investigation or be part of panels.

Prosecution and filing of appropriate charges against government officials or private individuals found guilty, “as may be warranted by the evidence gathered subject to applicable
laws and rules,” may be done by the DOJ.

Duterte’s directive will remain in effect until his presidency ends on June 30, 2022.

Guevarra said the order was the toughest task he had ever been given.

“Apart from my usual responsibilities as (Secretary of Justice), this new assignment is the toughest I have ever received from the presidenr,” he said in a message to reporters.

Earlier, Duterte ordered the creation of task forces to investigate irregularities within the Philippine Health Insurance Corp and Department of Public Works and Highways. John Ezekiel J. Hirro