President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday night reiterated his dissent in the possible presidential bid of his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, saying he did not want his daughter to suffer the “vagaries of politics.”

“I am against, really, the candidacy of my daughter,” Duterte said during his Talk to the Nation address. “I want her spared from the vagaries of politics dito sa Pilipinas.”

Duterte said he did not want his daughter to suffer from opposition critics, specifically Sen. Leila de Lima and former senator Antonio Trillanes IV, and working a thankless job.

“Ako, masasaktan ako, siyempre anak ko. Bastos itong bunganga ni Trillanes. Ewan ko kung saan niya nakuha ang katangian na ‘yan. Pati itong si De Lima. She is wallowing in pity and as a consequence of that, she has become virulent, almost. Virulent talaga ang mga lumalabas sa bunganga,” said Duterte, who often spouts profane-laden rants during his interviews and addresses.

The president advised his daughter to run “some other time” and said he wanted the two opposition critics to run in his daughter’s stead.

“How I wish that they would run and they will win. Ako, gusto ko, itabi ko na lang muna ang anak ko. Maybe some other time, not at this time when the Philippine politics is crowded with people in the likes of Trillanes. Tapos yung si De Lima. Gusto ko sila na lang muna. Run at some other time, ‘wag ngayon kasi wala kang maano dito. Mabastos ka lang,” Duterte said.

“So as a father, I would not want that to happen to my daughter,” he added.

Duterte also said that his statements about being open to the vice presidency next year were merely smokescreens to threaten the opposition.

“Ako naman, yung vice president ko, pang takot lang sa kanila ‘yan. Sabi ko let us see. If it is good for our country, I will do it. If it does not contribute anything to our republic, wag na lang. Magsasayang lang tayo ng oras pati… you contribute to the conundrum of the moment,” he said.

Duterte has yet to endorse a candidate to be his successor. John Ezekiel J. Hirro