President Rodrigo Duterte has failed miserably in delivering on campaign promises to end corruption, political dynasties, and illegal drugs, a Pulitzer awardee journalist said. 

Manuel Mogato, PressOne.PH editor at large gave Duterte a failing grade after five years as president.

“Objectively, walang natupad dun sa mga ipinangako ni Duterte,” Mogato said in the PressOne.PH podcast.

Jonathan de Santos, chairman of the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines, said Duterte’s rule has weakened institutions, including the media.

De Santos also said threats against the press and freedom of speech continued, and several journalists came under attack. 

 “There were more than 200 incidents or threats and  attacks on media, marami sa Luzon pero meron rin sa Visayas and Mindanao,” de Santos said. Dominic Emanuel Apolona