The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) released the guidelines regarding the voluntary use of face masks inside workplaces. 

Earlier, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. lifted the mandatory use of face masks indoors and outdoors via Executive Order (EO) No. 7. 

DOLE released Labor Advisory No. 22 declaring wearing face masks in all workplaces in the private sector voluntary. 

However, there are some exceptions set by DOLE: 

  • Healthcare facilities, including, but not limited to, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and dialysis clinics;
  • Medical transport vehicles, such as ambulance and paramedic rescue vehicles;
  • Public transportation by land, air, or sea.


DOLE encouraged all the elderly, immunocompromised, unvaccinated, and symptomatic individuals, individuals with comorbidities, and pregnant women to continue wearing a face mask.

“Employers and their workers have a shared responsibility to ensure safe and healthful working conditions in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code of the Philippines, as amended, Republic Act No. 11058, and minimum public health standards,” the DOLE advisory read.

The labor department said employers may impose a policy requiring the wearing of face masks, provided that it takes into account “among others, the hazards and risks (e.g., enclosed space and poor ventilation), industry requirements (e.g., food safety), and incidence of other communicable diseases (e.g., flu and tuberculosis), including measures to address non-compliance thereto pursuant to the existing company policy, rules, and regulations.”


Ronald Espartinez