The Department of Health (DOH) reminded the public to stay indoors amid the ashfall from the Bulusan Volcano.

The health department said the volcanic ash produced by Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon contains carbon dioxide and fluorine that can cause a detrimental effect on human health once inhaled.

Residents who were affected were encouraged to do the following:

  • avoid direct exposure to volcanic ash;
  • stay inside households and close doors and windows;
  • keep the environment wet to prevent ambient dust and put damp curtains on windows and doors;
  • avoid inhaling air with ashfall and use glasses or goggles;
  • keep animals in closed shelters;
  • remove ash from the roof of the house; 
  • know the situation of the roads before traveling and obey traffic laws
  • prepare an emergency bag (Go Bag) and bring an adequate supply of water, food, clothing, first aid, and medicines;
  • listen to the advice of local authorities on what to do next;
  • always wear always wear a face mask, protective gear for the eyes, and coverings for the skin;
  • wash hands properly before cooking and before eating;
  • rinse vegetables and fruits with running water;
  • cover water containers properly;
  • ensure stored food have not expired;
  • do not scratch or rub your eyes. If the eyes were irritated, rinse them with lukewarm and running water; and
  • consult the doctor immediately if you have vision problems.


Ronald Espartinez