Opposition senator Leila de Lima on Friday denounced efforts to discredit her through a spliced video of her 2016 privilege speech uploaded on Facebook.

The spliced version of de Lima’s privilege speech at the Senate about extrajudicial killings on Aug. 2, 2016 was first posted by Pinoy Republic on Facebook last Aug. 8, 2016, with a caption that partly read: “Umamin na ang De Lima na isa siyang protector ng droga (De Lima admits to being a protector of drugs).”

Pinanood ng mga staff ko `yung video na `yan. Sabi nila, halatang edited ang video na ginawa. Patuloy itong ipinakakalat ng bayarang trolls para linlangin ang mga Pilipino at siraan ang mga personalidad katulad ko na tutol sa baluktot na polisiya ng gobyerno (My staff watched the video. They said it was obvious that it was edited. Paid trolls are continuously spreading it to fool Filipinos and smear personalities like me who are opposed to the twisted policies of the government),” de Lima said.

The spliced video, which has yet to be taken down by Facebook, has been gaining traction and popularity after mostly pro-administration pages and personalities shared and reposted it online.

The spliced video implies, among others, that de Lima supposedly admitted to being a protector of Bilibid prison drug lords even though she said in her original speech that she was “the only Justice Secretary since the 1986 EDSA Revolution who dared to eradicate the dominion of the drug lords inside Bilibid.”

The video also falsely implied that she had relinquished her post as a senator when she actually said otherwise in her speech: “I will not surrender my mandate as a Senator of the Republic to these unelected and unaccountable personalities.”

De Lima remains detained over drug trade charges based on the testimonies of convicted felons. (PressONE.ph)