The Davao Region remains safe and free from the “mysterious respiratory virus” coming from China, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

On January 4, the South China Morning Post reported about an unknown strain of pneumonia affecting and seriously making people ill in Wuhan, China.

Health Assistant Secretary Abdullah Dumama, Jr., stated that they will be strictly monitoring seaports and airports to prevent the virus from entering the region. However, no travel ban has been implemented as precaution from the mysterious disease in China.

“If you are coming from China, the BOQ (Bureau of Quarantine) is requiring a health declaration checklist. We hope that they fill it up with honesty and it should be accurate and updated. If you possess some signs and symptoms, you can come to us and we will immediately screen you,” he added.

Dumama emphasized that they are strengthening their monitoring and screening to be conducted on travelers coming from China. 

“However, the Bureau of Quarantine said that even if there is no situation on ground, we have to continuously monitor the airport and seaports,” he stated.

Hospitals work hand in hand with the BOQ in checking the admitted patients coming from the said country. 

“They are checking the patient’s manifesto and monitor if there are cases which manifested the same symptoms,” he clarified.

The mysterious disease, however, does not engage in human-to-human transmission even though it manifests pneumonia, fever, joint pains, and colds.

“Some are ruling SARS, influenza, and corona (virus) but we need to determine its origin,” he stated.  (RJ Espartinez)