The Department of Health (DOH) Davao Center for Health Development reported 843 new Covid-19 cases in the region bringing the total number of active cases to 20,874.
Of these new cases, 403 are from Davao City, 51 from Davao de Oro, 158 from Davao del Norte, 151 from Davao del Sur, 65 from Davao Occidental, and 15 from Davao Oriental.
There are 399 recoveries reported today bringing the region’s total recoveries to 66,736. Among the new recoveries reported today, 210 are from Davao City, 92 from Davao de Oro, 4 from Davao del Norte, 4 from Davao del Sur, and 89 from Davao Oriental.
The region reported 22 new death cases bringing the total deaths to 2,779. Among the new deaths are:
– 8 from Davao City (1 new death case, 7 late reported)
– 1 from Davao del Sur (late reported)
– 6 from Davao del Norte (3 new death cases, 3 late reported)
– 7 from Davao de Oro (1 new death case, 6 late reported)
The DOH said the late reporting of some deaths were due to the need to verify them at some facilities and hospitals.
With these cases, the region has 23.4% available ICU beds, 32.7% available Isolation beds, 25.6% available Ward beds, and 56.3% available mechanical ventilators. – Rommel F. Lopez