The Philippines hit the 3,000 mark on patients who recovered from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after 68 more patients successfully won their battle against the infection, the Department of Health (DOH) announced Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases in the country leaped to 13,434 after the DOH’s daily bulletin confirmed 213 new infections. 

98 cases or 46 percent of the new cases came from Metro Manila, 98 cases came from Region VII, while the remaining 17 cases came from various areas across the country.

The death toll, on the other hand, grew to 846 after four more patients expired due to the infectious disease, the lowest number of COVID-19 fatalities recorded since May 3.

Data released by the DOH as of May 19 confirm that 239,739 individuals have been successfully tested for COVID-19.

Singapore remains on top in Southeast Asia for the most number of COVID-19 cases at 29,812. Indonesia is behind with 20,162 cases trailed by the Philippines. (RJ Espartinez)