From the World Health Organization Situation Report, April 4, 2020

Global coronavirus cases have passed 1 million according to the latest tally of the World Health Organization (WHO), with the death toll exceeding 50,000.

In its latest situation report, the WHO said 79,332 newly confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections brought the total to 1,051,635. A total of 56,985 deaths were recorded.

But the real figures are potentially higher as China’s data, including the number of its fatalities, are in question. Figures from China, the source of the pandemic, have been exceeded by the United States, Italy and Spain.

On April 5, a separate tracker by Johns Hopkins University placed the total number of confirmed cases at 1,192,028, and deaths at 64,316. A total of 245,981 patients have recovered, the Coronavirus Resource Center reported.

In a media briefing on April 3, WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the “best way for countries to end restrictions and ease their economic effects was to attack the virus with an aggressive and comprehensive package of measures.”

The WHO released new technical guidance recommending universal access to public hand hygiene stations and “making their use obligatory on entering and leaving any public or private commercial building and any public transport facility.”

It also recommended that healthcare facilities improve access to and practice of hand hygiene. (