By Ashley Cruz

Screen grab from the ‘Black Swan’ official MV, BigHit Labels Youtube

Twelvehitphobia in BTS world is real, guys!

After topping the global music charts and landing on the fourth spot at Billboard Hot100, BTS just cold-dropped a music video for their single “Black Swan” and no one was ready for it.

At exactly 12 midnight, Korea Standard Time, and two Bangtan Bombs (short BTS clips of BTS) after, BigHit Labels released another music video much to the surprise of ARMYs around the world.

Almost 2 weeks after the release of their album, promotions for “Map of the Soul: 7” are not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, they may be hiding more gems for all of us.

“Black Swan” was released, prior to the album, last Jan. 17, accompanied with an Art Film performed by MN Dance Company. It used a strings version of the song, while the official music video used the studio version.

While I gather my thoughts on the music video, here are a few highlights that shocked the Twitterverse:

Dancing in an empty Los Angeles Theater

Nothing is more iconic than the biggest pop musical act in the world performing in the empty halls of the historic Los Angeles Theater.

BTS danced barefoot, similar to their debut showcase at The Late Late Show with James Corden, but this time with Jimin bringing his modern dance roots back to life.

It was excruciatingly beautiful to watch — his lines and extensions, the twists and turns — tonight, we saw it all. It’s also safe to say that BTS have pushed their limits and have grown a lot as performers with an entire choreography that was far from their high-intensity and energetic moves.

Beyond the style with suits and corsets

Forget the harnesses of the Fake Love era because we’re going Marie Antoinette in “Black Swan.” BTS are no strangers to fashion statements and this time, they went a notch higher by saying no to gender stereotypes by wearing corsets.

Well, it was only Jungkook and Jimin, but you get my point.

The boys are also always on-point dancing hard-hitting choreography in their tailored suits with various embellishments to match the theme of their performance. Can we take a moment for Jungkook’s two-toned blazer, Jin’s mesh top and Jimin’s suit with a feather accent.

Symbolism and cinematic parallels to ‘Black Swan’

ARMYs would know that BTS’s music videos are more than just what meets the eye. Every scene and each detail could mean something; and as philosophical as the song, it’s not surprising to see movie references and symbolism embedded into it.

The song, as harrowing as the art film, is a rumination of passion and the loss of it, and an introspection of getting out of touch with your purpose.

The same themes were presented in the music video, with thematic parallels to Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan.”

In the video, shadows towering the members such as Suga and RM, during their solo, were obvious, which signify that shadows are always there and they grow bigger the brighter the light is. This reminded me of what RM told Graham Norton: “When there’s light, you always have the shadows.”

ARMYs were also quick to point out the similarities of the music video and the movie starring Natalie Portman. An example would be Nina’s hallucinations every time she looked in the mirror, only to find her own reflection looking at herself. This is similar to Jin’s scene in a room full of mirrors.  

Also an obvious reference was when Jimin spread his large black wings, which seems to signify the birth of his own “black swan,” an acceptance of who he is, just like Nina while she was performing on stage.  

Both Black Swans are stories of overcoming fears and self-acceptance and BTS clearly delivered the message in an artistic way, which is not really a surprise.

ARMYs were clearly not ready

BigHit released a comeback map prior to the release of their album and there was nothing there about a music video for “Black Swan.”

Just when everyone thought the last drop would be the cinematic music video for the title track “ON,” BigHit hit everyone up with a surprise.

No one, not even the most active fandom in the world, was ready for it.



Wonder what else is in their bag? What do you think of the music video?

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