No physical classes will be held when Academic Year 2020-2021 opens in August, the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) said.

In a statement, CHEd Chairman Prospero de Vera III clarified that higher education institutions (HEIs) would use “flexible learning” and would not hold face-to-face classes amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

De Vera was reacting to a Rappler news story, titled “CHEd: ‘We’re ready to open classes this August’”.

“Without stating the proper context, the Rappler article made the readers who did not watch the CHEd HiEd Press Conference, believe that CHEd is pushing for the opening of ‘regular’ classes by August despite the Covid-19 pandemic,” the statement read.

“CHEd wants to make it very clear that HEIs will open the semester in August using flexible learning mode. There are NO regular face-to-face classes in August.”

Rappler has since edited its story’s headline to “CHEd says schools ready for ‘flexible learning’ in August.”

CHEd has urged HEIs to “deploy available distance learning, e-learning and other alternative modes of delivery in lieu of residential learning if they have the resources to do so.”

President Rodrigo Duterte has said no student would be required to report to school until a vaccine for Covid-19 was found. John Ezekiel J. Hirro