The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Thursday said three presidential candidates and two vice-presidential failed to file their statement of contributions and expenditures (SOCE) on time.

The SOCE includes cash and in-kind contributions received by a candidate from a political party and other sources and expenditures paid out of personal funds, out-of-cash contributions and incurred using in-kind contributions.

The deadline for the filing of SOCEs was on June 8.

The three presidential candidates who failed to beat the deadline were Ernie Abella, Norberto Gonzales and Faisal Mangondato.

Vice-presidential candidates Rizalito David and Manny Lopez also failed to file theirs on or before June 8.

Section 14 of Republic Act 7166 or the Synchronized Elections Act states that every candidate and treasurer of the political party shall, within 30 days after the day of the election, file in duplicate with the offices of Comelec “the full, true and itemized statement of all contributions and expenditures in connection with the election.”

“No person elected to any public office shall enter upon the duties of his office until he has filed the statement of contributions and expenditures required,” the law reads.

Candidates who ran for national positions were allowed to only spend up to P675,290,080 or P10 per voter. John Ezekiel J. Hirro