Global pop icon Cher trended in the Philippines after tweeting about Vice President Leni Robredo.

The singer and award-winning actress posted on Tuesday the quote “If you want it done right, let a woman do it.”

The tweet was shared by a netizen with a caption: “Cher really said #LetLeniLead.”

Cher replied, clueless about the hashtag. “Who is this?” she asked the netizen.



To which the netizen replied, “Leni Robredo is the current Vice President of the Philippines and soon to be our President!”


Then, Cher replied: “Bravo! Let women do it! Let Leni and all women fighting to save climate, children, elderly, poor, homeless, sick, people of all colors, ethnicities, LGBTQ. Force honor in government. Make medical care, education, childcare free. Tax corporations, stop child labor, animal cruelty, etc.”



Because of this, Cher’s tweet reached the number one trending spot in the Philippines. Ronald Espartinez