Manila operatives confiscated P66,240 worth of banned canned meat at a store in Divisioria.

The Manila Public Information Office said the Veterinary Inspection Board (VIB) got hold of 23 boxes of Ma Ling, a popular canned meat product from China, at Mang Bana Store on M. De Santos Street in Divisoria.

The selling of the product is against the Food Safety Act 10611 and Memorandum Order no. 6 s. 2019, otherwise known as the “Temporary Ban on Importation of Processed Meat from Countries Infected with African Swine Flu, Avian Influenza and Foot and Mouth Disease.”

The owner was also slapped with a fine for distributing the meat product..

The VIB has reminded vendors on the strict implementation of the temporary ban and warned that they could face up to P500,000 in penalties, including imprisonment of at most six years and a day. Jojo Mangahis