The Department of Health (DOH) said claims circulating online about an “upper respiratory infection” spreading in China are not true along with a notification falsely attributed to them.

“The DOH warns the public against an alleged circulating DOH Bulletin Message about an Upper Respiratory Infection in China, which maliciously uses the agency’s name. The DOH would like to clarify that the message did not come from any verified platforms of the Department,” it said.

The health department also advised the public to make sure that all health-related information should come only from the DOH’s legitimate platforms, such as its established social media pages and official website.

The DOH added that any disease could be prevented through proper hygiene, diet, and exercise.

“In general, respiratory diseases, as well as other communicable diseases, can be prevented by employing our layers of protection such as sanitation, masking, distancing, good ventilation, and vaccination,” it said.


Ronald Espartinez