By Ashley Cruz

BTS is coming and we’re not ready for it!

The announcement came as a surprise during their vLive segment, Kkul FM “JiJinJung’s Radio,” Sunday night when Jin (Kim Seokjin, vocalist) casually dropped the news that new music would be out on August 21.

After leaving clues and sharing updates about their new album, Big Hit Entertainment officially announced it right after on their online fan channel, Weverse.

“On August 21, 2020, the new digital single by BTS will be released on Korean and international music streaming sites. We would like to thank all ARMY for your continued affection for BTS, and we ask for your love and support for the new digital single soon to be unveiled. Please stay tuned for additional details to be announced through Weverse,” Big Hit said.

Talking about the album on their radio segment, BTS leader RM confirmed that they decided to release a single ahead of the album for their fans to listen to. “As the COVID situation is still going on, we wanted to give something that would provide energy so we decided to release it as a single first.”

The members also revealed that the song will be in English. “It is a very fun song,” j-hope said. “Just like Mic Drop and Waste It On Me, it’s an English song.” Jin added that they thought the lyrics were great so they decided to go with it.

As excitement within the fandom, the ARMY, builds up, Columbia Records dropped a countdown on Twitter Monday night (July 27, 11PM Manila).

The cryptic countdown was immediately deciphered by fans to be a series of dates leading to the release of the single and most probably, the much-awaited album.

Fans were also quick to notice the colors of each timer that matches the colors of BTS members’ microphones.

This and more add to the hype everyone must be feeling right now. But one thing’s for sure, the boys are definitely back.