Korean male group, BTS, generated US$3.6 million along with millions of social media engagement for their United Nations Children’s Fund’s (Unicef) campaign. 

The “Love Myself” movement, since its establishment in 2017, aims to “end violence, abuse, and bullying, and to promote self-esteem and well-being among children and young people globally.” The said movement has already generated about 5 million tweets and more than 50 million engagement. 

“When it comes to promoting self-esteem and improving mental well-being, one of the most important things you can do is just to start the conversation. The groundbreaking way in which BTS has helped spark a positive message with its ARMY is simply unmatched and incredibly invaluable,” Unicef executive director Henrietta Fore said in a statement. 

Fore added that the movement’s “positive messages of self-love and self-care” has also been seen during the group’s world tours as well as their merchandise and official content. 

“We are thankful for all the work the band has done to lead this important initiative, and for all of their support for UNICEF in the last four years,” she added. 

BTS launched “Love Myself” to improve and empower the lives of the younger generation. 

“During the process, we also strove to ‘Love Myself’ ourselves, and we as a team and as individuals grew as well. We hope that many people felt how the love received from others can become the power that allows them to love themselves,” BTS said. Ronald Espartinez