Phenomenal boy group, BTS, is taking over the Internet universe following the release of their comeback album “Proof.”

The Grammy-nominated Korean boyband is currently trending on Philippine Twitter with #YetToCome, #BTS_Proof, #TheMostBeautifulMoment, and other keywords.

The song “Yet To Come” secured the no. 1 spot in Melon, the most popular music streaming service in South Korea.

The music video posted over 25 million views on YouTube as of this writing. 

BTS members revealed the album before its release, which also marks the ninth year since they started. 

“Because ‘Proof’ is an album that encapsulates BTS’s history, it keeps bringing to mind different memories from the past nine years. I myself will be listening to it often,” Jin said in a Soompi report.

“It’s an honor to be able to capture our journey of the past nine years in this new album ‘Proof.’ I hope that those listening to the album will follow and walk along with our footprints one more time,” Suga added.

Ronald Espartinez