By Ashley Cruz

SOURCE: @bts_bighit

Last year, when BTS leader RM said that 2019 would be another BTS year, he meant it, as the world’s biggest boy band took home all four major awards at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held at Nagoya Dome in Japan Wednesday night.

Three days after sweeping four Daesangs (top awards) at the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA), the pop music juggernauts proved their place in the industry, taking home more Daesang trophies from MAMA, a prestigious award show that is usually held with three different ceremonies in three territories — Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

This year, MAMA had only one awards show, in Japan, making BTS the first artist to have a “Daesang All-Kill” in just one ceremony. The first Daesang trophy in the bag was “Album of the Year” for their seven-track EP “Map of the Soul: Persona,” presented by the American TV host Jimmy Fallon via video.

All seven members, sporting the Spring collection of Celine, accepted the award, with j-hope leading the speech. “ARMY! I’d like to convey my great, great thanks for being able to receive the Daesang,” he said. “I, too, was a boy who knew nothing but dance, but coming into Big Hit and becoming a member of BTS, I was able to work really hard learning about music from these friends, and in working hard, I debuted and am now having you hear the music I work on, and so I think this award is a very meaningful one — for me, as well as the BTS members as a whole.”

Jimin took the opportunity to announce their upcoming album, promising output that will go beyond expectations.

Another Daesang they received was the “Worldwide Icon of the Year,” which they had already taken home as the first-ever recipients when the award was launched last year.

“Look at this award, this is for you guys!” RM said. “You guys gave this title, you guys gave us the world. And you know, this year, we released an album called Persona. And our persona is all made by you guys. We love you ARMYs!”

The record-breaking title track of Persona, “Boy With Luv,” took home the “Song of the Year” award.

Jin, who was celebrating his birthday on the same day, used the chance to acknowledge fellow artists for making good music. “We work really hard to make music. For the next album, also, we’ll come carrying good music. Many artists here in the dome too, and many otherwise, are making good music here and now. And I hope that there would come a day that these songs can all be acknowledged and be heard often by the world.”

He also reiterated the importance of fair practice in the industry, encouraging artists to not feel disheartened. “Though dishonest means are fine, how would it be if good music could be made through a means that is a little more honest? It would be good if a time came in which everyone made/performed good music, and good music was listened to,” he said.

The much-awaited “Artist of the Year” award brought silence to the house as everyone tried to catch a breath. When the winner was announced, cheers from fans echoed inside the venue.

Reminiscing the emotional journey they had in 2019, Suga took the victory with much pride and gratitude, noting how far they have gone and how stronger they have become as a group.

“2019 was a year fought furiously with hard work,” Suga said. “Last year at MAMA, the members bawled, and we raced through the year with the thought that we should do well; that we should do our best. Thank you so much for the great amount of love you’ve given us,” he said. “It’s like that, looking back, even if, at the time, it’s so difficult and the world feels like it’s about to collapse. When time passes, it becomes a moment which you can look back to with a smile.”

RM took the chance to recognize all the people who have worked so hard behind-the-scenes, helping BTS soar to the top. “And to those who emceed the event, all the fans who watched, artists, staff and related parties in the back — this year, too, you’ve worked hard. You worked so hard.”

BTS members, he said, will continue working hard on their music and performances. “We will gain strength and shine bright by doing what we can do in the place we’re in. For as we look at you, we receive a lot of strength and resolve to ourselves, ‘Ah, we have to work hard too, we have to shine bright too.’”

While ARMYs were celebrating online with the hashtag #BTSDaesangAllKill, RM took an emotional turn on social media platform Weverse with a letter to fans. “Over the seven years since debut, there were even moments in which I thought that the end-of-year period wasn’t ours, and that instead, we were beings to congratulate and brighten another, but taking a look around us today, I realized that in fact, it’s a season in which we receive so much love in one go,” he wrote.

2019 is indeed BTS’s year, and despite the no-lightstick rule in the MAMAs, ARMY’s voices were heard loud and clear.


Speech translation source: @doyou_bangtan (Twitter)