By Ashley Cruz

“ON” Official Music Video | BigHit Labels Official YouTube

This deserves an EGOT, okay?

A week after the Kinetic Manifesto video was released, BTS dropped the official music video for their lead single “ON” on Feb. 28, 12 pm KST.

Slated to top the charts with their newest album “Map of the Soul: 7,” BTS shows no signs of slowing down with the promotion of their album.

The music video was highly anticipated by their fans, and I honestly couldn’t blame them. The video premiered on YouTube and garnered over 1.5 million premiere views, surpassing the previous record holder by more than 500,000 views.

Unsurprisingly, BTS delivered and actually exceeded expectations.

So here are the top highlights from the music video that deserves an EGOT.

All the cinematic references and religious symbolisms

ARMYs are not strangers to the theatrics in BTS’s music videos. They have a whole Bangtan Universe to consume and analyze anyway.

But with the new music video, cinephiles must be rejoicing with all the pop culture references weaved into it.

From the dystopian world of The Maze Runner and Divergent, some Birdbox and Game of Thrones and a Lion King, BTS have shown great artistry and depth of knowledge of literature.

There were also a few biblical references like The Noah’s Ark and The Exodus (watch the iconic The Prince of Egypt).

The conch shell and white doves that are highly symbolic in many religions were also used in the video.

The conch shell, for example, symbolizes courage, power and sovereignty. In Mahabharata, the conch shell was used by Arjuna to call on his troops to prepare for a battle. In Christianity, the white dove is largely used to signify peace, freedom and new beginnings.

Actor Bangtan paving the way

The last time we’ve seen BTS act on a music video was on “Fake Love” since it was part of their Bangtan Universe — a fictional world where they portray various characters with different realities. It’s no surprise that the ARMYs were excited to see how this would unfold. Is there anything else that they can’t do?

The music is the message

With all the symbolisms and cinematic references, one couldn’t ignore the depth of meaning reflected throughout the music video.

In Episode 55 of the podcast “Speaking of Jung: Interviews with Jungian Analysts” by Laura London, “Jung’s Map of the Soul” book author Dr. Murray Stein said that “ON” is a song about resilience.

“That’s what the song is about, on. Keep on moving, keep on going no matter how bad the times get. Sure we all need that in our world today.”

While self-acceptance and growth are the core themes of “7,” the music video also signifies liberation from pain and hardships in order to move forward towards a new beginning.

As RM previously mentioned, “7” is “a declaration that we admit our destiny, we admit our shadows and lights at the same time, recognize our destiny and all the past,” and such testament is the main reason why “7” is an entire journey to a fresh start.

What do you think of the new music video? Watch it here: