The provincial government of Bohol is set to launch P500 million worth of projects to modernize its healthcare facilities.

Bohol Gov. Arthur Yap made the announcement during the groundbreaking of the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital (GCGMH) in Cortes town on Friday, Feb. 5.

The provincial-wide health care modernization project involving 10 clinics and hospitals will support GCGMH upon its completion, Yap said.

“If we don’t spend P500 million pesos for the improvement of our 10 clinics and hospitals, it’s useless for this 500-capacity hospital because this hospital will be inundated with too many patients,” the governor said during his speech.

Dr. Mutya Kismet Macuno, GCGMH medical chief, said the P1.5-billion hospital northeast of the provincial capital of Tagbilaran would be “one of the most modern, and updated healthcare centers in the Philippines.”

Yap said the construction of GCGMH would be in sync with the provincial development plan, which includes healthcare modernization and expanded scholarship grants to aspiring doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The provincial government has allotted in its 2022 budget a bigger outlay for scholars, including at least 70 medicine students.

“There’s no way we can bring down the cost of medical expenditures in the province if we don’t have doctors and medical specialists,” the governor said in his weekly virtual press conference. Ryan Sorote