Ben&Ben has collaborated with Young K, bassist of South Korean band Day6, for a new rendition of their hit song “Leaves.”

The OPM band revealed the surprise collaboration on its Twitter account on Wednesday.

“We reimagined ‘Leaves’ this year with a surprise collaboration from an artist we really love, Young K from the band Day6,” the band wrote on Twitter.

“In these times, the message that ‘all will be alright in time’ is more relevant than ever all over the world. We hope you like it,” they added.

Ben&Ben, formed in 2015, first released “Leaves” in 2017, the same year as its critically acclaimed “Kathang Isip” and popular hit “Maybe the Night.”

In an interview with “Bandwagon” in 2017, the band’s lead vocalist, Paulo Guico, revealed that “Leaves” was “inspired by a difficult time in a relationship.”

According to “Bandwagon,” this will be Young K’s first collaboration with a Filipino artist. Young K is the main vocalist and main rapper of Day6.

Last year, the nine-member indie-folk pop band charted in one of Korea’s popular streaming sites, Melon Charts, due to Young K and NCT’s Mark Lee showing interest in the band’s music during their respective V Lives.

“Of course, anytime! I’d be honored [to have a collaboration with them] because they’re amazing,” Young K said during his V Live last year.

“Leaves” is slated for release on May 28, Friday, following their two recent singles, “Upuan” and “Magpahinga,” which will be part of the band’s upcoming second album. Charlene Grace Lao