Red grapes in a farm in Bauang, dubbed as the Fruit Basket of the North. By paying a minimal entrance fee, visitors can enjoy a napa-valley-like experience. (photo from

The first tourism-business summit attended by 250 participants kicked off Sulong Bauang 2030 to plan and make Bauang town as the “Vineyard City of the North by 2030.”

Bauang Mayor Menchie Lomboy-De Guzman stressed, “This is a collaboration of the government, private sector and civil society organizations…a kick-off as we plan Sulong Bauang 2030, of what we envision to become in the next years,”

In terms of business-friendly environment, the 2019 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index ranked Bauang 36th, which the city aspires to improve to land in the top 10 in the near future.

“Businesses pave the way for tourism to come to Bauang, if there are more business, there are more employment and there is economic development,” pointed out Dr. Peter Paul Nang, Bauang Tourism Council chair.  

As tourism and business improve, he noted the need to improve the skills of workers who will be employed either as cooks, kitchen assistants, and even construction workers.

Bauang is known for its grape-picking experience and beaches, but has recently added the new tourist come-on, the Bakawan Eco-Tourism.

Municipal administrator Daisy Sayangda said, “There is so much potential for our town, we need to harness these, collectively work to attain more for the economic development of the town and more importantly, the people.” (Jojo Mangahis)