Boat rides at Baguio’s Burnham Park (Taken before the pandemic). | COMMONS

Baguio tourism stakeholders have called on city residents to report illegal accommodations that could pose a health risk due to the pandemic.

Aloysius Mapalo, supervising city tourism operations officer, said in a statement that tourists must comply with health protocols, register online, and book rooms only with accredited accommodation establishments.

The Baguio Tourism Council is said to have received reports that some tourists had stayed in unregistered and unaccredited hotels and lodging establishments due to lower prices.

Mapalo said the online registration requirement had resulted in a significant increase in the number of transient houses seeking to be accredited.

Unregistered lodging facilities should apply for certificates of compliance so these establishments could be included in the online registration, he said.

Click here for Baguio’s online tourist registration site. (Jojo Mangahis)