The Basketball Coaches Association of the Philippines (BCAP) in two separate statements denounced Gilas Pilipinas program director Tab Baldwin’s comments calling out the “tactical immaturity” of local coaches. They also questioned Baldwin’s “expensive” clinics.

Baldwin, in a “Coaches Unfiltered” podcast guesting, said what annoyed him the most was the “tactical immaturity” of Philippine basketball coaches, who were “significantly unaware of the tactical advancements and the systemic advancements of coaching systems… [which] are built on the backs of player development.”

“Our player development here is mature, and our appreciation for tactical advancement and tactical systems is immature,” the Ateneo de Manila University head coach said.

He added that the PBA’s single-import conferences was a “big mistake” that stunted the league, and accused the PBA administration and referees of giving imports a wider latitude.

“The PBA coaches are a smart lot. They’re good basketball coaches, but they could be much better if they were forced to coach much more, I believe, I think then they would show their real talents,” Baldwin added.

In a statement, BCAP president Louie Gonzales said Baldwin’s comments were discriminatory not only to local coaches but to all Filipinos.

“We are being underestimated as Filipinos here. And it is not just the coaches here, the PBA and its officials, it is our capabilities; this is an attack on Filipinos and I strongly condemn that,” Gonzales said.

BCAP also accused the Kiwi-American coach of being helpful only to teams he was hired to handle, and not helping basketball development in the country as a whole.

“To criticize something as inferior to others [without] doing something to alleviate it makes [Baldwin’s] statement leave a bad taste in the mouth. [Having no] knowledge of how coaching is happening in the country, and the history of founders and movers of Philippine basketball makes his generalization an uninformed display of hypocrisy,” BCAP said.

Gonzales said Baldwin did not participate in free sharing of ideas with other coaches and players, while hosting basketball clinics which were “one of the most expensive ones in the country.”

“At the end of the day, his approach to basketball ultimately is a business,” Gonzales said.

PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial has deemed Baldwin’s comments detrimental to the league. has also reported that the PBA would fine and possibly suspend Baldwin, who is an assistant head coach of TnT Katropa.

Baldwin, in a meeting with Marcial, explained that his comments were taken out of context.

“I feel bad that has happened and that is not my intention,” quoted Baldwin as saying. John Ezekiel J. Hirro