Old and new mobile phone users are required to register their subscriber identification module (SIM) cards starting December 27, the National Telecommunications Commission said. 

The NTC released the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Registration Act on Monday.

Users with existing SIM cards have six months to register them or those will be deactivated. Deactivated SIMs have five days to register and get reactivated. 

New SIM cards sold will remain deactivated until the new owner completes the process of registration. 

The SIM card registration must be submitted electronically via a secure platform or website to be given by the telecommunication companies to their subscribers.

The IRR also showed that all information and data given in the registration process should be treated as absolutely confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person.

However, telcos may disclose the full name and address of the SIM card user under four conditions:

  • in compliance with any law obligating the telcos to disclose such information in accordance with the Data Privacy Act;
  • in compliance with a court order or legal process upon finding of probable cause;
  • in compliance with a subpoena issued by a competent authority pursuant to an investigation that a specific mobile number, was or is being used in the commission of a crime; and
  • with the written consent of the subscriber.

“The confidentiality clause in the SIM registration shall take effect at the point of activation and shall continue even after deactivation of the SIM and for as long as the end-user’s data is still retained by the PTEs (public telecommunication entity),” the IRR stated.

“For this purpose, the point of activation shall mean the time when the concerned PTE receives the required data or information from the registering subscriber/end-user,” it added.


Ronald Espartinez