Foreign nationals with approved visas but whose Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card) is still pending release will be temporarily allowed to leave the country amidst the Enhanced Community Quarantine and Stringent Social Distancing Measures, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) confirmed in a statement. 

Departing aliens with approved visas but pending ACR I-Card should secure a waiver first at their main office, the BI added.

“We will no longer be requiring ACR I-Card Waiver Orders for departing foreign nationals. With the rapid spike in COVID-19 cases, we were prompted to make additional measures to lessen person to person contact,” confirmed by Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente. 

Instead of the ACR I-Card Waiver Order, the following requirements should be presented by the departing foreigner at the airport: Passport with valid visa, as indicated in the implementation stamp, official receipts of the ACR I-Card Waiver Application Fee and Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) with Returning Permit (RP) or Special Resident Certificate (SRC), whichever is applicable. 

Morente added that requirements should be kept by all departing foreign nationals as they will be required again if they decide to return to the country under their respective visas.  (RJ Espartinez)