Intense monitoring and surveillance measures are being implemented in Aklan amidst the coronavirus outbreak in China that infected thousands of people. 

Passengers from other countries entering Aklan’s airports and seaports are being screened by quarantined personnel.

On Jan. 23, Chinese authorities enforced a total lockdown and cancelled flights to Wuhan before the Chinese New Year celebration.

However, hours before the lockdown, around 135 passengers from Wuhan riding the Royal Air Charter landed at the Kalibo International Airport.

The arrival of the Chinese tourists in Boracay raised public alarm and anxiety in the whole province due to the uncontrollable widespread of the novel coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, local health authorities in Aklan assured the people that the province is still free from virus.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Cornelio Cuachon Jr. advised the public to avoid close contact with live or dead animals or people suffering from acute respiratory infections and to also wash their hands regularly. 

The virus has infected other countries such as Thailand, France, Japan, South Korea, United States, and the cities of Shanghai and Beijing

Common symptoms of the said virus include sore throat, fever and breathing difficulties.  (RJ Espartinez)