The government has ordered the strict regulation of the movement of poultry products following the reappearance of avian influenza (AI) HSN6 in San Luis, Pampanga.

Memorandum Circular 38 series of 2020, issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) under the Department of Agriculture, seeks to prevent the spread of the bird disease to other places in Luzon.

The circular said the movement of harvested broiler chickens may be allowed from the quarantine area to any destination within Luzon if it meets three conditions:

  • if the poultry has tested negative within five days from time of harvest;
  • a BAI-approved seal is posted on the carrier before leaving the farm; and
  • the fowls will be moved directly to the dressing plants or wet markets

The circular also contained measures affecting related products such as ready-to-lay pullets, spent layer, breeder hens and table eggs, including quail eggs. Jojo Mangahis