Photo screencapped from: ABS-CBN News Channel

The ABS-CBN shutdown created a chilling effect on the rest of the news media in the Philippines, according to two journalists.

Mike Navallo, head of the recently revived ABS-CBN chapter of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, said the shutdown did not affect his work but sent a clear message to the news media: going against the administration has consequences.

“Imagine, it’s the biggest network [and] the president can shut it down or his supporters in Congress; well that says a lot,” Navallo said in an interview with Christian Esguerra on ANC’s “Matters of Fact.”

Veteran journalist Manny Mogato, who was also interviewed by Esguerra, agreed with Navallo.

“The owners of the media [companies] in the Philippines still fear the power of the government; if they can do it on ABS CBN, they can do it on their own networks, publication or outlets,” Mogato said.

Mogato said working journalists have become more cautious with their work.

Groups that support the government’s move and former journalists who are now part of the government are the reason why it is hard to have solidarity, unity and cohesion between journalists in the face of threats from the Duterte administration, he said

“It takes a lot of factors to unite the media and the press in the Philippines,” Mogato said. Jamie Louise Jimeno