A Social Weather Stations (SWS) mobile poll revealed 60 percent of adult Filipinos believe that the national government is more responsible for solving the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, rather than the local government units.

1,555 adult Filipino respondents were asked: “In your opinion, which of the two do you think is more responsible for solving the Covid-19 crisis? Is this the national government headed by the President, or the local government headed by the governors and mayors?”

The survey reveal that three out of five Filipino adults say that national government as being more responsible in addressing the health crisis.

Twenty-three percent, on the other hand, said the local government, is more responsible, while 14 percent said the national and local governments are both responsible.

The SWS noted that belief that the national government is more responsible decreases with education meaning those saying the national government is more responsible is lower among those with more education.

Of those who believe that the national government is responsible in handling the crisis, 58 percent among those with college education, and 53 percent among college graduates say so compared to 61 percent among junior high school graduates, 66 percent among elementary graduates and 63 percent among non-elementary graduates, and

The non-commissioned survey was conducted on July 3 -6 using mobile phone and computer-assisted telephone interviewing.

It has a sampling error margin of ±2 percent for national percentages, ±6 percent for Metro Manila and ±5 percent each for Balance Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

As of Monday, the Philippines is second in the most number of cases reported on Monday with 6,958, next to India’s 12,092.

The county still leads in Southeast Asia with the most number of active cases with 136,638, 66,186 are active. Nearly 2,300 have died from the dreaded disease.  Rommel F. Lopez