The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has exceeded its limit for coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) patients by 30, with 200 more patients awaiting medical attention. 

PGH spokesman Dr. Jonas del Rosario added that it is “definitely impossible” to attend to all the waiting patients.

“We are beyond our capacity. We have about 310 patients in the hospital, about 40 patients in the emergency room waiting to get into the hospital, so that’s pretty much 350 out of 320 [Covid-19 beds]. So we’re like 30 patients above our threshold,” Del Rosario said in an interview at ANC.

“And then there are about 200 patients waiting in the wings wanting to be admitted, waiting to be transferred to PGH.  It is definitely impossible to get them in. A lot of our patients require longer days (to) the hospitals,” he further explained. 

PGH, the country’s biggest Covid-19 referral hospital, is also looking for more doctors. 

“The patients keep coming in. It is hard to open more beds and more wards if you don’t have the right doctors to take care of them,” the PGH spokesman revealed.

PGH earlier said that they are hiring more doctors after 11 volunteer doctors left the hospital. Ronald Espartinez