10 frontliners of Valenzuela City who are asymptomatic have tested positive for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after they were subjected to the city’s mass testing for the virus.

Former Valenzuela City mayor and current Senator Sherwin Gatchalian made the shocking news in a tweet saying that if they did not subject their city’s frontliners to the test, they would not have known that they are now carriers of the dreaded virus.


The senator’s brother and current mayor of the city, Rex Gatchalian, assured his constituents not to worry since the local government has implemented steps to prevent the spread of virus.

He added that testing the city’s frontliners is their effort to locate contain the virus by testing “asymptomatic individuals who are high risk in terms of exposure”.

The city has assured residents that the said frontliners are currently isolated to prevent further contacts and the possible transmission of the virus.  The frontliners are also being given medical treatment, the city said.   Contact tracing has already been conducted. (Rommel F. Lopez)